Friday, November 23, 2012

Working On It

I am so sorry I have not gotten a post up lately, as I am sure you can guess things here have been crazy with the coming home, getting settled and all not to mention the one Holiday under our belts and the next one right around the corner.  Believe it or not I think I might be done doing the little bit of Christmas shopping that we will do this year.  If I am not done I am close.  Please don't consider this an update as I will get one up soon with pics I promise I just can not give a good date right now.  By the way I am very curious.....with just the 2 followers and only 1 comment can someone please tell me where you all are on here in a comment or on FB and let me know who knittin' momma is???


  1. Hey Jenny...thanks for following.

  2. Man, I am gonna log on and update it if you don't get busy! LOL! Can't wait for more pictures!!