Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Arriving Guangzhou

Saturday, Nov 10

Today was a tiring one arriving Guangzhou hotel at about midnight and getting settled and to bed at about 1am getting up at 7am to go to our Medical and then do some sightseeing.  Naps for just the kids (yes I had to tell you that) came about 1pm and Joshua is just now waking at 3:15pm.  Joshua was awesome in our journey to get his passport, going to the Pharmacy, getting to the airport sitting for 3 or so hours there even before getting on the plane then a 2 hour flight considering we were all on lack of sleep.  Mikayla also did well but complained a bit about she was hungry, thirsty, tired of walking, tired of sitting tired of waiting, etc.  In getting Joshua’s passport was interesting as the office started work at 3pm and you are not allowed in and so you call and they tell you to wait…you wait in your car or standing out on the street.  You never know if you are going to stand there for 5 minutes or 5 hours.  The last family our guide had got there at 3pm and waited until 6:30pm.  I have to thank you all for all your prayers they are working well.  God is hearing your prayers and helping us glide through; my illness is more annoying then disabling so I am getting along well and only missed the one adventure and have been doing well otherwise, our son is doing great and getting along and attaching well, all travels have been smooth up to this point.  Our sons passport?  We arrived about 3:15pm left to head to the airport at record time of about 3:20pm a total 5 minute wait.  Then of course our flight here where everyone was so tired and yet no one killed anyone and no one screamed bloody murder or any such thing the worst thing that happened was what I thought to be a diaper malfunction on the plane.  I say this because just before take off Joshua and I got soaked….He peed all over me and him (I had him in the carrier on me) so we sat for about 3 hours that way before I was where I can change him.  At this point I found not a diaper malfunction but just a very wet diaper I guess he just let it all out on the plane.  Of course you might say this a misfortune but to me a blessing.  A Blessing you say? Yes a blessing as it was only pee and could have been so much worse.  Thank you God for hearing our prayers.  Once arriving and looking for our guide and heading for the van we came to a door that would not open (a lot of motion sensors around here) and all of a sudden it worked…we laughed and even our guide said we must have a higher power working with us.  Thank you all for all your prayers keep them going as we are not home yet and out of the woods called China.

Today we did the Medical and Joshua did well and had no issues.  We then went to Flower City Square which was so beautiful with all the gorgeous flowers and roses in all colors while our guide told us about the buildings and their nature and history.   In about 2 hours we will be going to eat at what is one of the best Cantonese places according to our guide.  In the meantime we ate some McDonalds that was easy access and I stopped at Starbucks…ok God why did you not teach them how to make a Chai Tea Latte in China???  Tomorrow we go to Church here in China imagine that…God thanks for being everywhere.  After Church which will be in 3 languages Cantonese, Mandarin and English we will head out to shop at Sha Mian Island.  Squeaky Shoes here we come.  Not sure what else is on the shopping list but I am sure it will all be good.  The hotel here is a 5 Star Hotel with awesome sites right inside and the rooms are like small apartments with digital television and lots of amenities including outdoor pool (rare for China) and playroom for the kids, Exercise room, Tea Room, Piano Bar and so much more.  This includes a Spa for Massages, Hair Salon, Japanese Restaurant and an awesome bakery/sweets counter and more.  Love the hotel and the area here.  The Weather we left was getting cooler in the lower 50’s and now we are currently in the mid to upper 80’s.  Hot but not too hot, no where near the oven of Mikayla’s time.  Rain is expected for our future lets hope and pray our outdoor festivities are not hindered being I am well enough to enjoy.

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