Monday, October 29, 2012

So We Begin Again!

Almost 4 years ago, we followed the Red Thread that tugged at our hearts.  We followed that thread and traveled far to reach the other end of it bringing us to our Beautiful Daughter Mikayla, one of God's Little Princesses.  Little did we know we had another Red Thread tugging right along behind it.  Not knowing where that thread would have us travel we journeyed through Private Adoptions that failed bringing sadness but we knew that there was something tugging still on the other end of that thread.  We searched into Domestic Adoption Agencies with the same heartache and sadness.  That is when we realized that thread can only lead to one place and one place only......CHINA.  

We began our journey back to China just about a year ago.  Soon our Son jumped off the page shouting to us "Its me your looking for, bring me home!" and so we said "YES, we would come and bring you home".   Come meet, say hello to our son, Joshua.  Follow our journey and beyond right here as we grow our family and grow and share our love with another one of God's Beautiful Princes.

Now while we waited was the fun part starting with his room which currently was HOT Pink and I mean Hot Pink I don't think you could get any pinker if that's even a word.  We primed and we painted bringing his room into a Sage Green...this would be just the beginning of bringing to life our small jungle of loving and playful animal friends.    Each friend was customized to be just as cute and cuddly as Joshua's comforter all except the special Momma Kangaroo and baby which was especially created to become his symbol as Mikayla's is the Panda.  The room has been done and is ready for our Prince.

Here we are today with just a mere two days to travel and we can not begin to tell you how excited we are.  Mikayla can not stop talking of being a big sister and having a new baby brother.  All that's left to do is pack and head out the door.  Bills all paid and helpers in place for while we are gone.  New car seat just crying out for a new baby boy to occupy.  New booster seat also awaits a new big sister..... our four legged friends ....they right now cant wait to have their fun of running, playing and meeting new friends at their own hotel and soon will also be so glad we are home so they can rest.

If you are as excited as we all are and curious to see how things go and get a little taste of what adoption and China is like then come back here often and follow our journey to China and Beyond.....

Joshua at 14 months old already saying Hi

Joshua at 19 months old as he is today

Mikayla the head over heels big sis

The before.... more of a clutter room than spare bedroom 

Joshua's New an Improved Room

Definitely better than the Hot Pink
PS Yes I intentionally waited to hit POST until late the night before leaving just to keep you in suspense and so maybe by the time some of you become followers of the blog I will be in China able to give you another updated post or two.  Happy Blogging AJ

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Coming Soon!!!

Check back often to follow our journey to China to bring our boy Joshua home